Let's understand Git Branching.

Let's understand Git Branching.

What is Branching ?

Before we understand branching, let's us talk about the Git.

What is Git?

Git : Git is most famous open-source version control system in the world. Version Control System for tracking changes in any set of files (repository). Everyday millions of people use Git to track their project history and collaborate effectively . It's a critical skill for every software and DevOps engineer.

Why Git

  • Free

  • Open

  • Super Fast

  • Scalable

Now, let's talk about Branching.

Branch : Suppose you are working in a team and your team are creating a web page or software, you have to work on a particular one of the component then you have to use branching to work with your particular component.

General definition : one of the main parts of a tree that grows out of the thick central part (trunk). Let's see an example.

"The example show that you are moving from the Main branch (Master) to another branch. The another branch is like a copies of your work, when your work is done then you have to Merge the branch into the Main branch (Master). It is a best practice to update these working branches with change is related code-lines. Read more about Branch