Four best alternative of Github

Four best alternative of Github

Github is founded in 2008, who thought it would be so popular in the coder community. We all know that Github is provider internet hosting for collaboration and version control Github is a place where you can work on similar projects together.

Top four best alternative of Github

  1. Gitlab
  2. Bitbucket
  3. Google cloud source
  4. AWS code commit

Apart from this there are many other version controls as well.


Gitlab is the one of the right alternative of Github. Gitlab is more focused on features like Monitor, Configure, Package, ect. It is a complete devops platforms that enabled professionals to perform all the tasks in a project. It is very useful for project planning and source code management to monitoring and security. It allows teams to collaborate and build better software. Furthermore, if you want to use more features then you have to buy paid version.

Benefits of Gitlab

  1. Gitlab offers tracking from planning to creation to help developers automate the entire Devops life cycle and achieve the best possible results.

  2. Its wide features and brick blocks code availability.

  3. Gitlab is used because allows you to work with integrated CI/CD pipelines. The basically main difference between Github and Gitlab is it. You can read more about on


Bitbucket is another fantastic Git client and Github alternative owned by Atlassian. Bitbucket also offers amazing support for Git Large File Storage (LFS) for game development. As part of the Atlassian family, Bitbucket lets you integrate like Jira, Trello, Bamboo, and HipChat, and communicates well with all of these.

JIRA is popular for management tool. JIRA is helpful for every member of your software team to plan, track, release and report.TRELLO is useful for collaborate, manage projects and reach new productivity peaks. TRELLO is helpful for organized work. If you look at its hosted account price, you can see that it is also free for projects with up to five team members.

Here you can read that paid version :-

  1. Free
  2. Standard
  3. Premium

You can read more about on BITBUCKET.

Benefits of BITBUCKET

  1. Best in class Trello, Jira & other integration

  2. Allows you to build quality software with code review

  3. Helps you to secure your workflow

  4. Bitbucket also support CI/CD pipelines

Google Cloud Source

Google simply keeps pushing innovating and offering incentives to new users. Cloud computing is allows developer to store data. GCS Repositories helps you privately host, track, and manage changes to large codebases on Google Cloud Platform.


As part of google cloud free tier, cloud source repositories offers some resources free of charge up to a specific limits. These free usage limits are available during and after free trial period.

what can you get in free trial period ?

  • Cloud source repositories is free for up to 5 project users per billing account.
  • Cloud source repo is free for up to 50G of storage per month.

And more details read on Google Cloud

AWS Code Commit

AWS is Amazon Web Services. AWS code commit is a version control service hosted by Amazon web services that you can use to privately store and manage assets (such as documents, source code, and binary files) in the cloud.


It is similar to GCS but if you want to read more about Pricing

Benefits of AWS Code commit

  • Offers easy access and integration

  • AWS Code commit tool is designed for collaborative software development

  • It allows you to create as many repositories

  • AWS Code commit using HTTPS or SSH


" The more options, the more anxious. "

keep on doing what are you working on (for example Github) and whenever you join the company, you can change the tools (for example Gitlab) accordingly, so it is important to have basic knowledge of everything.